No company can expect to be the only one in its field nowadays. There are so many different companies all jostling for the attention of investors and consumers alike. However, there are also just as many ways to stand out.

Viral Marketing

Many companies try to come up with a viral marketing campaign of some sort. Whether they post a funny video advert, or they just make an image that is funny and subversive in some way, there are several ways to trigger a viral response. They could even try to run a competition that is just shared time and time again on social media, garnering more of a response every time it is seen.

The difficult part of this is that one cannot guarantee that a marketing campaign will go viral. Some companies such as Buzzfeed entirely market their content around the possibility of it going viral, with that being one of the major end goals, At the other end of the scale, many companies produce adverts that they only expect to market their business at a standard level. However, there is some aspect of the advert that the public finds amusing, and therefore it receives a lot of attention.


A business can gain a lot of prestige from those who choose to back it. Business is often a game of networking, and having investors and mentors who are well-connected in the industry can be incredibly advantageous. They can help a business owner set up meetings or could introduce them to someone important in the industry.

By getting involved with a company like Tej Kohli Ventures or Seedcamp means that a business owner also gets to pull on all the knowledge and experience of those within that company. It is an opportunity that cannot be adored.

Unique Products

At the end of the day, a company needs to ensure that they are creating unique products that consumers want to buy. They could choose to create something in line with what their target demographic wants exactly, or they could branch out and try something completely new. No matter what, there is always something new and wonderful that could be developed that could change the world.

Companies should always be willing to experiment with the products that they are putting out into the world. While some people might be content to keep a core set of products that are popular for years, there should always be opportunities to try new things, even if they are just for a limited release.

Standing out in increasingly competitive markets is never going to be easy. However, there are always some things that business owners can harvest to ensure that they are ahead of the pack. Whether they are engaging with the latest marketing techniques or trying something entirely new and innovative with their latest product release, there is always something that could push them ahead of competitors. Finding the right people to support them in these endeavours – be they staff, customers, or investors – is always going to be key.