Harrison & Hetherington Ltd sold 78 clean cattle, 37 cast cows, 2054 prime lambs and 540 cast sheep at St Boswells yesterday.

Seventeen prime bullocks sold to a top of 239p/kg to average 228p (+1p), while 55 prime heifers peaked at 249p to average 230p (+3p). Six young bulls sold to 227p and levelled at 176p.

In the rough ring cast cows sold to £1733 and 203p to average 144p (+4p).

Prime lambs held their ground this week when they returned an average of 220p/kg. Top prices were £128 and 275p/kg for Beltex.

In the cast sheep section heavy ewes sold to a top of £115 for Suffolks and averaged £94 (+£3), while light ewes peaked at £83 for Cheviots and averaged £61 (+£1).

The firm also sold 17 prime heifers in Carlisle on Monday which peaked at 245/kg and levelled at 220p (+15p), while 18 prime, beef bred bullocks sold to 235p and levelled at 212p (+11p).

Forty-eight beef-bred young bulls sold to 227p and averaged 190p (+16p), while 50 dairy-bred bulls peaked at 190p and levelled at 154p (-3p).

In the rough ring 221 cast dairy cows sold to 174p to average 106p (-4p), while 76 cast beef cows peaked at 218p to average 136p (+2p). Fifteen cast bulls sold to 158p and levelled at 127p (+5p).

There were also 2287 prime lambs this week that sold to £139 and 305p/kg to average 224p (+5p).

In the cast sheep section heavy ewes peaked at £120 for a Texel and averaged £76 (+£3), while hill ewes were topped at £81 for a Blackface and averaged £49 (+£13).

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 3171 prime lambs and 579 cast sheep at Ayr yesterday. Despite the large increase in the number and liveweights of prime lambs in the market this week the trade was still very buoyant. The average weight of all the lambs was over 44kg and they levelled at a very respectable 213p/kg overall. Top prices were £115 for a pen of Texels and 256p for a single Beltex. Mule Lambs sold to £94 on two occasions and to 205p for a pen of 22.

In the cast sheep section heavy ewe ewes sold to £170 for a pair of Texels, while Texel cross ewes peaked at £134. Mules sold to £85 and Blackfaces to £76.

Caledonian Marts Ltd sold 298 store cattle at their fortnightly sale at Stirling yesterday. Bullocks averaged 213p/kg - selling to 242p for a pen of Beef Shorthorns and to £1180 for a pen of Limousins.

Heifers averaged 204p - selling to 219p for a pen of Limousins and to £1120 for Limousins on two occasions.

Black and Whites sold to 174p and to £790.