Lawrie and Symington Ltd held its annual sale of 5,223 Blackface ewe lambs at Lanark yesterday which met a flying trade from start to finish.

Many of the character lots were sold over the £300 mark with all lambs at the sale shown in excellent bloom.

The sale was topped at £3200 for a pen of 3 lambs from Messrs Blackwood, Auldhouseburn selling to Messrs Kofali farms, Colchester, London.

Caledonian Marts Ltd sold 5028 store lambs & feeding ewes at their weekly sale at Stirling yesterday.

A record number of sheep for this sale were sold with 4297 store lambs averaging £60.41 (+£14.73 on the year). Four hundred and fifteen ewe lambs averaged £87.30 (+£26.71 on the year). Three hundred feeding ewes averaged £48.43 (+£24.82).

Top price of the day was for a pen of Cheviot crosses at £86.

Lawrie and Symington sold 848 store cattle to their fortnightly sale at Lanark on Tuesday. Trade for the day was topped at £1800 for a Limousin heifer consigned by Mr W Shearer, Burnbrae, with all proceeds being donated to Parkinsons UK in memory of Mr Jim Shearer, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

Bullocks peaked at £1380 for an Aberdeen Angus or to 251p/kg for a Limousin to average 210p. Heifers topped at £1800 or to 344p for the same beast, to average 210p.

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 209 prime and cast cattle at their weekly sale in Ayr on Tuesday. Prime cattle met an increased demand this week with a top price of 254p or £1448 for a Limousin heifer. There were 18 heifers which averaged 235p or £1319. Four bullocks peaked at 240p or £1464 for a Limousin to average 200p or £960.

In the rough ring seven bulls topped at £1400 for a Charolais or 129p for a Limousin. Seventy-nine beef cows peaked at £1440 or 171p for a British Blue cross cow. Eighty-six dairy cattle sold to £1060 or 127p for the same Friesian. Fifteen clean cattle sold to £1170 for a Limousin heifer or 213p for a Saler heifer. There were also 9 dairy cattle which sold to a top of £2000.

Caledonian Marts Ltd sold 2725 prime lambs and cast sheep at their weekly sale at Stirling on Tuesday. The overall average for 1772 prime lambs was 208p (-2p on the week and + 47p on the year). Top price of the day was for Beltex X Lambs at £120, while top price per kg was achieved for Beltex lambs at 273p/kg.

There was a large show of 953 cast sheep which peaked at £130 for heavy Texels and averaged £107, while export ewes peaked at £97 for Cheviots and averaged £63.