Harrison & Hetherington sold 40 clean cattle, 37 cast cows, 3,077 prime lambs and 866 cast sheep at St Boswells yesterday.

Seventeen prime bullocks sold to a top of 248p/kg to average 233p (+5p), while 23 prime heifers peaked at 247p to average 237p (+7p).

In the rough ring cast cows sold to £1,799 and 195p to average 141p (n/c).

Prime lambs slipped back a little this week to average 208p/kg (-12p). Top prices were £126 and 272p/kg for Beltex lambs.

In the cast sheep section heavy ewes sold to a top of £119 for Suffolk crosses and averaged £90 (-£4), while light ewes peaked at £91 for Cheviots and averaged £53 (-£8).

The firm also sold eight prime heifers in Carlisle on Monday which peaked at 240/kg and levelled at 196p (-24p), while eight prime, beef-bred bullocks sold to 231p and levelled at 226p (+14p). Two prime, dairy-bred bullocks made up to 177p and levelled at 173p.

Forty-four beef-bred young bulls sold to 227p and averaged 191p (+1p), while 26 dairy-bred bulls peaked at 187p and levelled at 153p (-1p).

In the rough ring 173 cast dairy cows sold to 158p to average 102p (-4p), while 80 cast beef cows peaked at 220p to average 136p (-1p). Fourteen cast bulls sold to 154p and levelled at 113p (-13p).

There were also 2,861 prime lambs this week that sold to £130 and 290p/kg to average 213p (-11p).

In the cast sheep section 163 heavy ewes peaked at £114 for a Texel and averaged £71 (-£5), while hill ewes were topped at £76 for a Blackface and averaged £54 (-£5).

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 2602 prime lambs and 1,099 cast sheep at Ayr yesterday.

This was another large show of lambs which sold well from start to finish. Top prices were £115 for a single Beltex and 246p/kg for a pair of Beltex with the overall sale levelling at 211p (-2p). Mules peaked at £95 for a pen of 7, while Blackfaces sold to £90 for a pen of 13. In the cast sheep section heavy ewes sold to £172 for a Texel, while Mules peaked at £85 and Blackfaces at £76.

C & D Auction Marts held the second of their Kelso replacement sales at Longtown on Sunday – this one being for Charollais and Crossbred rams.

There were 220 rams forward with an 84% selling rate and an overall average of £526.

The Charollais section opened the sale with all the shearling rams averaging £532 and ram lambs levelling at £420. Top price was for a shearling which sold for £800. A well-presented entry of crossbred shearlings sold to £1,500 for a Beltex cross Texel.