In a special series this week, we revealed that the world’s first hydrogen-fuelled ferry is set to undergo testing as Scotland powers forward in the green energy race.

The Orkney-based European Marine Energy Centre, in collaboration with project partners, is working towards regulatory approval before testing the Shapinsay ferry in a move that could lead to renewably powered ferries on regular routes around the country’s island and coastal communities.

READ MORE: The HyDIME project will trial a hydrogen/diesel dual fuel conversion system on board the MV Shapinsay. It is expected to be the first vessel of its class.

Day Two: Scotland set for hydrogen-powered train and rail revolution

Day Three: Scottish clean energy pioneer to showcase hydrogen stations in China

Lord Haughey takes aim at government

Lord Willie Haughey, the high-profile Glasgow entrepreneur,  this week questioned why central belt pubs have been told to shut their doors while Scottish universities, which have seen major outbreaks of coronavirus, remain open.

READ MORE: The Labour peer and owner of City Facilities Management Holdings acknowledged that dealing with Covid-19 is a “no-win situation” for Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson. But he said the “person in the street” would struggle to understand why the “absolute hotspot” of universities are still open.

Hotels seek answers over £14m crisis fund

There is mounting anger in the hospitality industry over the operation of a flagship £14 million Scottish Government fund to support larger hotels through the coronavirus crisis, amid claims of a lack of transparency over how the grants are distributed.

READ MORE: The Hotel Recovery Programme was hailed as a step to secure up to 3,000 jobs in large hotels until the start of the 2021 tourism season when it was launched in late July. It opened up the chance for hotels in Scotland to apply for individual grants of up to £250,000, alongside a “suite of wrap-around business support and advice”.

Oil firm plan to restart production from giant field

North Sea focused Jersey Oil & Gas (JOG) has made clear it still hopes to develop a major new hub of producing fields despite facing challenges.

READ MORE: Jersey this week reaffirmed plans to restart production from the giant Buchan field in the Moray Firth as part of a scheme that will involve developing finds made nearby.


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