Bross Bagels is expected to launch its first crowdfunding campaign on Monday.

The Edinburgh-based chain said the venture will give its customers the chance to be part of the opening of a new Bross Bakery.

It plans to build a new custom-made Bross Bakery to help keep up with current demand and boost potential for growth in its wholesale and online trade.

The location has been earmarked as a former bank opposite its flagship store in Portobello.

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Bross Bagels is asking customers "to help in making the dream happen".

Investors can consider levels from £100 to £1000, each with a limited number of buy-ins, uner the title of"share-holers".

Depending on the level it could mean bagel vouchers for up to four years, exclusive invites, guided bakery tours, a mention on the wall, and also potentially a full refund after the four years.

Larah Bross, owner of Bross Bagels, said ahead of the launch of their crowdfunding campaign: “We are excited at the prospect of finding Share-Holers who can help us take Bross Bagels to the next level while participating in a high level of innuendo.”

It produces its own bagels in-house to its specific Montreal inspired recipe, with six Edinburgh stores.

Bross Bagels said: "This crowdfunding opportunity gives customers an amazing chance to be a part of Bross Bagels future and journey together, which will raise the significant funds to set up and grow the brand new bakery in Portobello where it all began."