Harrison & Hetherington sold 83 clean cattle, 59 cast cows, 1,804 prime lambs and 546 cast sheep at St Boswells yesterday.

The trade for well-fed cattle reached extreme rates this week, while store types were harder to cash.

Twenty-four prime bullocks sold to a top of 239p/kg to average 216p (+4p), while 57 prime heifers peaked at 257p to average 221p (n/c). Two young bulls sold to £1,370 and 178p.

In the rough ring cast cows sold to £1,404 and 197p to average 130p (+3p).

Prime lambs peaked at £125 and 281p/kg for Beltex to average 208p overall (+6p).

Heavy cast ewes sold to a top of £109 for a Texel and averaged £89 (-£2), while light ewes peaked at £91 for Cheviots and averaged £50 (-£3).

The firm also sold 19 prime heifers in Carlisle yesterday which peaked at 238p/kg and levelled at 197p (+11p), while 17 beef-bred bullocks sold to 232p and levelled at 201p (+2p).

Thirty-two beef-bred young bulls sold to 234p and averaged 201p (+19p), while 28 dairy-bred young bulls peaked at 180p and levelled at 153p (+4p).

In the rough ring 218 cast dairy cows sold to 169p to average 94p (-3p), while 136 cast beef cows peaked at 209p to average 122p (-6p). Four cast bulls sold to 128p and levelled at 117p (-5p).

The show of 2,158 prime lambs sold to £132 and 313p/kg to average 210/kg (+7p).

In the cast sheep section 118 heavy ewes peaked at £127 for a Texel and averaged £86 (+£14), while 62 hill ewes were topped at £100 for a Hill Cheviot and averaged £45 (+£8).

Messrs Craig Wilson sold a large show of 2,206 prime lambs and 727 cast sheep at Ayr yesterday. According to the auctioneers the lambs were a joy to sell from start to finish. This was reflected in the overall average price which jumped by 15p/kg on the week to level at 206p. Top prices at the sale were achieved for a single Texel at £108 and for a pair of Beltex at 238p/kg.Mules sold to £93 and 218p, while Blackfaces peaked at £90 and 210p.

All classes of cast sheep were dearer with top quality types being in short supply. Top price of £137 was paid for Texel cross ewes, while Suffolk crosses sold to £93 and Blackfaces to £63.

Caledonian Marts sold 366 store cattle & suckled calves at their fortnightly sale at Stirling yesterday.

Bullocks sold to 283p and £1240 to average 218p, while heifers peaked at 245p and £1,110 to average 212p. Young bulls sold to 250p and averaged 216p. All top prices were for Limousin cross cattle. Dairy bullocks sold to £1,020 or to 204p.