By Ian McConnell

AN Orkney street-food and coffee outlet founded by entrepreneurs Kit Bichan and Daniel Gould is planning for growth, after launching this summer as the national lockdown was eased.

The entrepreneurs were supported in the launch of Orkney Street Food Beiting and Brew by taxpayer-backed advice service Business Gateway.

Orkney Street Food, which had planned originally to start up in March but delayed this until June, now aims to launch a product range and is working with Business Gateway on funding opportunities to support this growth. The entrepreneurs aim to use the best of local produce to create menus featuring homemade dishes inspired by street food from around the world. Mr Bichan said: “It was always my goal to work for myself, using my experience in hospitality to launch something innovative and unique to Orkney. With my cousin who is a trained chef, we previously looked at taking on our own premises, however the costs were not feasible. After this, we decided to launch a street-food business. We’ve been warmly welcomed by the local community.”