UNIVERSITY students are carrying out lab work using pioneering remote robotics enabled by 5G as part of a new connectivity push.

The Scottish Government-funded Scotland 5G Centre said the country is making substantial progress in developing much-needed applications using the technology.

One project that has been tested and is ready to go to market is led by the University of Glasgow. Funding from the Scotland 5G Centre has enabled the university to build its own leading 5G network ecosystem, that will enable test and development of multiple use cases.

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One of the first use cases to benefit from this facility allows Glasgow students to conduct their lab experiments remotely, using the pioneering robot. Students managed to assemble and measure an electrical circuit using equipment physically situated in the university’s laboratory.

The university is one of three founding partners selected to receive funding, due to the critical importance of its work in accelerating the adoption of 5G in Scotland.

Paul Coffey, chief executive centre, said: “The technology can be harnessed across several sectors, including construction, education, healthcare such as tele-diagnosis, tele-pharmacy and so on.”