EDINBURGH-based bottling business Young Spirits has launched a whisky that will support the conservation effort in Africa.

The company said it will donate a share of revenues generated from sales of its Uhuru whisky to conservation charity Tusk, to support efforts to protect African wildlife including elephants.

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Young Spirits co-founder John Ferguson said Uhuru was a passion project for the firm.

“We share a deep concern over the extinction of elephants and other animals in Africa, as well as the deterioration of the environment,” he said.

We feel everyone has a responsibility to contribute towards positive change of the environment globally and we have chosen Tusk as our partner to support that change.

Mr Ferguson’s interest in Africa and animals such as elephants dates from his childhood, during which he spent many summers in Kenya.

Young Spirits said ten per cent of the £42.99 purchase price for a bottle of Uhuru will be donated to Tusk.

Uhuru is a single cask whisky that includes a blend of malts produced by the Ailsa Bay Distillery.

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Young Spirits was founded by Mr Ferguson with Alex Harrison last year after they spotted the potential to develop a business that could offer a bottling service for independent distillers.

It may launch other drinks under the Uhuru brand and develop more charitable product lines in future.