By Ian McConnell

Scotland is playing a leading role in developing new technology that can “help meet the challenge of global climate change” and finds itself on the cusp of a “revolution” in this arena, a new analysis claims.

The report, which is hailed as the nation’s “first analysis” of the “climate tech” sector, was commissioned by taxpayer-backed economic development agency Scottish Enterprise.

It examines Scotland’s positioning in terms of sectors including energy, transport, the built environment, and land use, highlighting a raft of projects in these areas by companies including ScottishPower and Wood Group.

It was carried out by ScotlandIS, the “membership and cluster management” organisation for the digital technologies industry in Scotland.

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Looking ahead to the COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which is being staged in Glasgow in November, the report states: “To conclude, Scotland is on the cusp of a climate tech revolution and, in the lead up to COP26, it is vital that we highlight Scotland’s climate tech capability to the global audience.”

Unveiling the report, ScotlandIS say: “The research demonstrates that Scotland has both strength and depth in emerging climate technology and highlights an exciting array of initiatives by Scottish organisations in the climate tech space.

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“The report highlights the global opportunities for Scotland’s tech community to capitalise on climate technology needs across a range of sectors, including energy, the built environment, land use and transport.”

Karen Meechan, interim chief executive of ScotlandIS, said: “The race to net zero and addressing climate change are global priorities. Although a sector in its infancy, climate tech is already making a big impact. Scotland is superbly well positioned to become a climate tech centre of global excellence, building on the nation’s expertise in renewable energy, low-carbon transport and cutting emissions in both the rural and urban environment.

“Our climate tech report is the first document in Scotland setting out the size, scale and nature of the climate tech sector. The UK and Scotland are both well placed to support the digital community create a flourishing climate tech ecosystem.”

Scottish Enterprise interim chief executive Linda Hanna said: “Innovative technology and digital solutions have a core role to help get us to net zero. Climate tech is a rapidly emerging industry with enormous potential across a range of sectors such as energy, sustainable transport, the built environment, agriculture and land use.

“This report captures the growth and investment potential of climate tech, highlighting some of the Scottish companies already successfully working in this space.”