SCOTLAND’S “first 100 per cent renewable biomethane refuelling station” to be set to be opened this year, it is claimed.

CNG Fuels said the move will allow fleet operators to switch from diesel to running vehicles on low-carbon fuel, support net zero targets and save money.

The station at Eurocentral, near Glasgow, will be able to refuel up to 450 lorries a day, and enable low carbon deliveries across most of Scotland, meeting growing demand from major brands including John Lewis, Waitrose, Warburton’s, Hermes and Asda, the firm said.

Sourced from food waste, renewable biomethane is claimed to be the “most cost-effective, lowest carbon alternative to diesel for HGVs, cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 85%, and cutting costs by 35-40%”.

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The compressed natural gas fuel business said it has helped fleet operators cut emissions by more than 100,000 tonnes since 2016.

The London-based firm operates six refuelling stations in England and is building out a strategic network on major routes. It said Eurocentral is the first of 14 further stations that are due to be built over the next two years with £80 million of funding from a new partnership with Foresight Group, including two more in Scotland near Larkhall and Livingston.

Philip Fjeld, chief executive of CNG Fuels, said: “Fleet operators keen to cut carbon and save money are switching to biomethane in droves, and our first station in Scotland will play a vital part in our network, allowing gas trucks to make deliveries throughout Britain."