THE two blocks of HMS Glasgow are inched together in a delicate operation in the Govan shipyard.

The vessel has reached a milestone in construction with the two halves, which have been built in the shipyard halls in Glasgow, now showing the scale of the first of a series of Type 26 frigates.

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The blocks were rolled out of the build hall at BAE Systems' shipyard on the River Clyde in a series of complex manoeuvres.

The aft block contains the versatile mission bay and hangar which is capable of supporting helicopters, boats, mission loads and disaster relief stores, while the forward section contains the bridge, operations room and accommodation spaces.

The flight deck is capable of landing a Chinook helicopter for transport of embarked forces.

The Herald: The two sections come closer together.The two sections come closer together.

The UK Government has committed to all eight of its frigates being built in Glasgow, and, together with the international programmes, it represents three decades of work, supporting 4,000 jobs, the majority of which are in the city.

The Herald: ... and the sections are joined. Pictures: BAE Systems... and the sections are joined. Pictures: BAE Systems

The Type 26 is the original variant of BAE Systems’ Global Combat Ship, which Australia and Canada have both selected as the reference design for their anti-submarine frigate programmes, "supporting greater operational, training and intelligence ties between the three nations", the firm said.

BAE Systems last year hailed a raft of contracts totalling £100 million as part of a £1 billion investment across the defence giant's supply chain.