By Neale McQuistin

Harrison & Hetherington sold 54 clean cattle, 36 cast cows, 589 prime lambs, 79 prime hoggets and 160 cast sheep at St Boswells on Monday.

Twenty prime bullocks sold to 259p/kg and averaged 238p (+5p), while 34 prime heifers peaked at 272p to average 241p (-1p).

In the cast ring cows peaked at £1,505 and 217p to average 162p (n/c).

New season prime lambs sold to £173 for Blue Texels and 355p/kg for Beltex to average £138 or 332p (n/c), while prime hoggets peaked at £155 and 260p for Texels to average £95 or 221p.

Heavy cast sheep sold to a top of £159 for Charolais ewes and averaged £117 (+£10), while light ewes peaked at £125 for North Country Cheviots to average £83 (+£2).

The firm also sold 14 prime heifers at Carlisle on Monday which peaked at 256p/kg and averaged 239p (+19p), while 10 beef-bred bullocks sold to 260p and levelled at 243p (+31p). Seventeen, beef-bred young bulls peaked at 248p and averaged 200p (n/c), while 19 dairy-bred, young bulls sold to 208p and levelled at 173p (+3p).

In the rough ring 78 cast beef cows peaked at 232p to average 157p (+3p), while 87 cast dairy cows sold to 191p to average 131p (+9p). Four cast bulls peaked at 154p to average 146p (+15p). There were also 938 new season prime lambs that peaked at £220 and 462p/kg to average 349p (+4p), while 136 prime hoggs sold to £170 and 298p to average 210p (-63p).

Lowland cast ewes (301) peaked at £156 for a Beltex to average £99 (-£8), while hill ewes (40) sold to £102 for a Jacob to average £64 (-£6).

Lawrie and Symington sold 21 prime cattle, one young bull and 60 cast cattle at Lanark on Monday.

Prime heifers sold to £1658 or 266p/kg, while prime bullocks peaked at £1,472 for a British Blue or at 215p for an Aberdeen Angus. One young bull sold for £1,415 or 201p.

Cast beef cows sold to £1,035 or 172p to average 148p, while cast dairy cows peaked at £1,225 and 151p to average 119p.

There were also 142 lambs, 749 hoggs and 749 cast sheep through Lanark on Monday.

The show of spring lambs was topped at £164 and 402p for Texels to average 341p overall. Best hoggets were still in demand but the lesser types were cheaper as the season comes to an end. The sale peaked at £168 for Texels and at 316p for Beltex to average 256p.

The cast sheep met extreme rates with hill ewes being very dear. Heavy ewes sold to £200 for Texels, while hill types peaked at £109 for Blackfaces to average £107 overall.