By Neale McQuistin

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 736 prime and cast sheep at Newton Stewart yesterday.

The 328 prime lambs were easily sold to average 323p/kg or £141 overall.

Top price per head was £153 for heavyweight Suffolks and the same for a pen of Texels, while top per kilo was a pen of Suffolks that sold for 333p.

The 213 prime hoggs peaked at £126 for Blackfaces from Mrs J McMillan, Glenchamber with Beltex leading per kilo at 293p.

All classes of cast sheep would see a slight rise this week.

Heavy ewes peaked at £163 for Beltex, while Mules sold to £109 and Blackfaces to £108.

C&D Auctions sold 38 cattle at its weekly sale of primestock in Dumfries yesterday.

Prime cattle sold to 260p/kg for Limousin cross heifers, while Angus crosses peaked at 242p.

Beef OTMs peaked at £1,165 and 170p to average 146p, while dairy types sold to £1,125 and 171p to average 133p.

There were also 197 prime lambs in Dumfries yesterday which peaked at £160 for Suffolks to average 322p overall.

The 83 prime hoggs sold to £134 for Texels.

Heavy cast ewes sold to £164 for Texels, while Cheviot Mules made up to £110 and Blackfaces to £93.

The firm also sold a large entry of ewes & hoggs with lambs at foot at Longtown on Tuesday.

The sale was topped by a large Texel cross hogg with a single lamb at £130.

Ewes with singles sold to £94 for Texels, while ewes with twins also made up to £94.

Shearling ewes with single lambs at foot peaked at £85 for Mules.

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 174 breeding cattle at its sale in Ayr on Tuesday.

Bulls sold to £2,520 for a Simmental, while a Shorthorn and an Aberdeen Angus both made £2100.

Heifers with calves at foot sold to £2620 (per head) for a Limousin with a bull calf, while a Limousin cow with a calf at foot made £1,550. Bulling heifers peaked at £1,480 for Limousins.

There were also 21 prime cattle through Ayr on Tuesday.

Fifteen heifers peaked at 284p/kg or £1,718 to average 250p overall.

Three steers sold to 250p or £1,687 to average 226p.

In the rough ring 112 cattle sold to a top of £1,480 for a Simmental cross cow with a Limousin cow coming in at £1,430, while dairy cows peaked at £1080 for a Black and White. Cast bulls made up to £1,400 for an Aberdeen Angus and heifers sold to 198p/kg.

There was also a small show of five dairy cattle that sold to a top of £2,080 for a Friesian calved cow, while Friesian calved heifers made up to £1,550 at the auction.