By Scott Wright

A SCOTTISH construction and property consultancy has abolished the nine to five working regime as it looks to promote the well-being of its employees amid the pandemic.

Thomas & Adamson declared its belief that the way we work has changed for good as it introduced a new flexible policy.

But it is not turning its back on office life. The company has moved its office in Edinburgh to the Quartermile development after 85 years in Wemyss Place, while in Glasgow it has swtiched to new premises in Libertas House in the financial services district.

The company said the new offices have been developed to meet the needs of employees as they return to the workplace for the first time in more than a year, with breakout spaces to inspire creativity.

Alastair Wallace, senior partner at Thomas & Adamson, said: “Despite it being a tough year operationally with many projects having been put on hold due to Covid regulations, we were determined to use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take the bold step of reimagining the future of work at Thomas & Adamson. We wanted to create an office and environment that supports our industry-leading position, and as horrific as Covid has been, we used it as a chance to make positive change.”