By Scott Wright

EDINBURGH-based North British Distillery has received a £2.5 million grant from Scottish Enterprise to help upgrade its production processes.

The funding is part of a wider drive by the economic development agency to foster a green and fair recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. The Net Zero Framework for Action, launched by Scottish Enterprise yesterday, aims to “lead and influence change through incentivising businesses to commit to sustainable practices.”

The 134-year-old North British Distillery is one of the biggest supplies of grain whisky to the industry, much of it used for blended Scotch. It is in the midst of a project to upgrade its production processes in a bid to cut emissions.

Managing director Alan Kilpatrick: “Protecting the natural environment is of the utmost importance to all of us at The North British Distillery. We are pleased to be on a journey to reduce our carbon emissions, with support from Scottish Enterprise. This funding will enable us to develop our green credentials, while supporting jobs and building on the skills of our workforce.”