Joanna Lumley, actor, presenter and activist has announced her support for Sacha Dench – known as the Human Swan – in her intrepid circumnavigation of mainland Britain by electric paramotor.

Sachas  journey will take her from the west coast of Scotland heading south along the coast on a 3,000 mile + journey around Britain

She will be landing frequently, and with her ground crew will be talking with, filming, and gathering information from industry, innovators and entrepreneurs, local heroes, communities, schools, farmers and individuals – anybody involved in addressing the effects of climate change in their areas. A compilation of these stories will be presented at COP26 in Glasgow in November.

HeraldScotland: Joanna Lumley and Sacha Dench at Loch LomondJoanna Lumley and Sacha Dench at Loch Lomond

Joanna Lumley came across Sacha’s planned climate expedition through a crowdfunder call out for the expedition and was inspired to try and become more involved. Joanna decided to just call Sacha, and as a result of that conversation Joanna will be following Sacha and meeting up with her at various places around the country as Sacha completes the Round Britain Climate Challenge. They will be filming a documentary together for ITV as the journey progresses, in which Joanna will be the presenter.

“Sacha Dench’s adventures are stories you can only dream of -  facing down all barriers and blessed with the courage of a lioness she literally soars into history books, and inspires everyone who has the luck to follow her phenomenal challenges. Sacha is clawing attention towards the greatest crisis mankind has faced in recorded time. 

Her journey is going to be irresistible and I shall be following her, on charts and in person, I am so proud to support her: with your help we shall be the wind beneath her wings.”

Sacha added

“ Joanna’s call came totally out of the blue and it’s just fantastic that Joanna is so supportive of this mission to look at how climate change is affecting different regions of the country – and highlight all the amazing things that individuals, community organisations and companies are doing to combat it.

We want to get everybody involved and one of our aims is to get 140,001 people to take personal climate action between 18 June and 17th July through Count Us In – so please sign up now! If we achieve this number we’ll get a Guinness World Record too!

I am so looking forward Joanna joining me to meet many of the inspiring people along the route”

The expedition and Sacha’s progress can be viewed here