Impressive concept images of how Scotland’s ‘super-campus’ in Fife could look have been revealed

In a move education bosses claim will create ‘unrivalled opportunites’ for youngsters in the area, the £180 Million learning facility will combine Dunfermline schools St Columba’s RC, Woodmill highschool with a new Fife College campus.

The fully detailed planning applications for this have now been submitted to Fife Council planners for review, and AHR architects have hailed project as ‘visionary’ insisting it will offer “significant educational, social and economic advantages”.

A spokesperson for AHR Architects said on behalf of Fife Council: “It is a unique opportunity to provide a consolidated approach to learning and life skills development, supporting a clear learner pathway from secondary-level education through to training and third level/further education, onwards into the world of business, enterprise and employment.”

HeraldScotland: Image: LDRS via Fife CouncilImage: LDRS via Fife Council

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Assurance have been given to both schools involved in the plans that they will retain their independence despite sharing a campus.

Both schools will have their names emblazoned on the entrance, and their crests feature throughout the interior of the education facility.

With 20,000 square metres being designated to Fife college alone, their area of the super campus will include a general teaching building, a large engineering and construction division, a four-court sports hall and social and civic spaces.

Principal Hugh Hall of Fife College said it will be “transformational for education in Scotland”.


He said: “From senior school to further and higher education, and the provision of courses to meet the needs of business, we want to offer the stepping stones needed to allow students to achieve their personal and professional goals,” he said in a statement included with the college plans.

“We are determined to offer all learners, and the wider community, a fantastic learning environment in which to thrive.”

Fife Council planners are currently assessing the detailed plans and will issue recommendations in due course.


However, due to their size and the impact they are likely to have on the local environment and roads, both plans will be reviewed by Fife Council’s central and west planning committee.

Only after the committee has reviewed the plans will a decision be issued for each proposal – after which construction on the long-awaited campus may finally begin, with a target completion date of the end of summer 2024.