By Kristy Dorsey

Logistics specialist Menzies Aviation has set itself new gender diversity targets as part of its broader drive towards improved corporate sustainability.

Headquartered in Edinburgh, Menzies employs 25,000 people providing ground, fuel and air cargo services at more than 200 airports in 37 countries. Its new targets include at least 40 per cent female representation across middle management by 2033, and 25% representation in senior leadership roles by 2025.

Women currently account for 32% of all mid-level leadership roles, rising to as high as 45% in its UK cargo business.

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The company said there has also been “encouraging growth” in the number of women taking on ground handling jobs, with its teams in Australia and New Zealand achieving notable success by doubling the number of female ramp agents. This follows Menzies’ pledge to recruit 120 women as ramp agents across the two countries during 2021.

“The aviation industry has always been male dominated, so it is essential that women are supported and promoted at every level,” said Juliet Thomson, executive vice president of people. “Our middle and senior leadership targets and participation in the UN’s Target Gender Equality programme are embodiments of our commitment to advancing the representation of women at Menzies.”

Menzies is taking part in the UN’s gender equality drive as part of its commitments to the United Nations Global Compact, in which it is aligning its operations with 10 “universal principles” on human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. Menzies will report its progress in each of these area to the UN on an annual basis.