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Sky has announced the launch of a brand new TV removing the need for Sky boxes or satellite dished outside your home.

Sky Glass will simplifying the way customers watch TV by integrating hardware, software and content and will be the only TV on the market with Sky built in ready to stream straight away.

For the very first time in the UK, customers will now be able to get Sky TV over WiFi with the new streaming TV available to buy in the UK from 18 October.

Customers will be have their new TV ready to go within minutes being able to ‘plug, pair and play’ with minimal fuss.

Sky Glass will come in three sizes (Small 43”, Medium 55” and Large 65”) with three colours to choose from.

Ocean blue, Ceramic white, Racing green, Dusky pink, or Anthracite black, with matching remotes and customisable speaker fascias for extra personalisation.

The TV comes with an integrated mounting bracket or a colour matched stand.

HeraldScotland: Sky announce new Sky Glass TV. (Sky)Sky announce new Sky Glass TV. (Sky)

The new Sky Glass TV will work like a mobile phone bill

hoose to buy your TV like you buy your mobile phone by paying in one go or spread the cost with interest-free monthly payments.

It is available from as little as £13 per month, exclusively with Sky TV, starting from £26 for Sky Ultimate TV and for the first time HD is included as standard. That’s £39 per month to get the 43” Sky Glass TV plus every episode of award-winning Sky Originals and Sky Exclusives, all your favourite channels and a fantastic line up you won’t find on Freeview, as well as Netflix.

For just £4 more a month you can increase the size of your TV to a 55”, or £8 more for a 65”.

It comes with a full two-year warranty and a free delivery service that includes unboxing and packaging removal.

For those that enjoy watching Sky in multiple rooms in your house, the Whole Home pack puts Sky Glass inside any TV using the Sky Stream Puck for £10 a month.

‘The smartest TV available’

Dana Strong, Group Chief Executive at Sky said: “Sky Glass is the streaming TV with Sky inside, providing the total integration of hardware, software and content.

“Built on over 30 years of understanding what our customers want, this is a TV that only Sky could make. We believe this is the smartest TV available, and that customers will love it.”