Scotland’s best-known entrepreneurs have spoken up about the challenges presented to businesses by Brexit in answer to questions put to them by a Glasgow-based hospitality operator.

Derek Mallon, who has more than 30 years of experience in the sector across the UK, asked Sir Tom and Lord Haughey on their Go Radio show: “Given the difficulties we’re seeing in so many areas of the economy at present, how much of this would you leave at the door to Brexit? And do you think business leaders should be speaking out more about the situation?”

Lord Haughey replied: “I think it’s partly due to Brexit but it’s very difficult at the moment to split what’s happening between Covid and Brexit. There’s no doubt in my mind and through my own experiences that our supply chain has been affected because of Brexit and it’s probably hurting the hospitality and the construction industry more than most other sectors.

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“So I would definitely say to you that once MPs and MSPs are dealing with issues related to Brexit we should be speaking up 100 per cent because it is no doubt Scotland is going to be affected.”

Sir Tom Hunter, however, offered a slightly different point of view, saying: “As an entrepreneur, as a business person, you have to worry about the things you can influence in your own business. Whether Brexit is influencing it or not, there’s not a lot you can do about it.

"And as a business person, as a problem solver, you’ve just got to find ways round what’s in front of you for the benefit of your customers and therefore for the benefit of your business.

“Sometimes I know we can go on and on. We want to blame everybody but really good business people just get on with it!”