AS rumours abound of a potential takeover from a US private equity group, Marks & Spencer has announced it is to close its store in Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street.

Reacting to the move, Lord Willie said: “Obviously, the good news for Marks & Spencer is seeing their figures and what the City has to say. They’re again heading for over £500 million in profits, which is great. It is great to see them doing well.

“There may be a change in policy. We all know that Sauchiehall Street is not where it used to be.

“Things are changing. I’d like to think somewhere else in Glasgow may be right for a new store, I’m not sure. Obviously, they still have their big store on Argyle Street.

“It’s disappointing I’m sure for the people in the West End of Glasgow but I think they’re just moving with the times.”

Sir Tom revealed he can’t believe what Sauchiehall Street looks like today, adding: “But – and it’s a big but – the customer has decided they’re not going into Marks & Spencer there.

“If the customer was still shopping in there, Marks & Spencer would keep it open. So the customer has said: ‘That doesn’t suit me anymore. I might go to another branch or I might shop online.’ The market and ultimately the customer decide these things.

“We’ve seen this in 2008 when Woolworths shut and everybody was going: ‘Oh, I missed the pick ‘n’ mix!’ Well, you didn’t buy enough of it.”

Lord Willie finished by saying: “On a personal note, where it’s sad for me, is I spent half of my apprenticeship on the roof of Marks and Spencer in Sauchiehall Street, installing systems. Ah, dear, it was great for sunbathing mind you!”