A teacher faces being struck from the teaching register after allegedly kissing a pupil and dancing with him in a local nightclub.

Physics teacher Ashley McConnell is alleged to have danced inappropriately with a male pupil at a nightclub in Thurso, Caithness, in March 2018.

Ms McConnell is said to have held the Thurso High School pupil's hand and touched his bottom and groin area.

It is also claimed the teacher told another two female pupils at the club to 'f*** off' before gesturing two fingers at them.

She is alleged to have then said she would 'fight the b***h' in reference to one of the female pupils.

Following an investigation by the General Teaching Council Scotland, Ms McConnell is also said to have contacted a pupil and asked them to write her a character statement about how "brilliant and helpful" she was as a teacher.

She now faces being removed from the teaching register by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) following an investigation over her alleged behaviour.

Ms McConnell is accused of kissing the boy, known only as 'Pupil A', at Skinandi's nightclub on Saturday, March 24.

The full charges against her state: "On or around the evening of Saturday 24 March/morning of Sunday 25 March 2018, whilst in or in the vicinity of a nightclub in Thurso, namely Skinandi's, you, Ashley McConnell, whilst a GTCS registered teacher, did kiss Pupil A, whom you knew to be a pupil at Thurso High School at the time. 

"[You did] dance in a sexualised and/or flirtatious manner with Pupil A, whom you knew to be a pupil at Thurso High School at the time.

"Hold hands with Pupil A, touch Pupil A [and] touch Pupil A on or around his groin area.

"[You did] tell Pupil B and/or Pupil C to "f*** off" or words to that effect, make an offensive finger gesture at Pupil B, say that you would 'fight the b**** if I have to' or words to that effect in reference to Pupil B, whilst making a threatening gesture."

Ms McConnell also allegedly sent another pupil a message, writing: "Hi Person A, how are you?

"I need to ask a big favour. 

"If you have time could you write a statement about me as a teacher? How brilliant and helpful I was.

"No I'm kidding but seriously if you could write a little statement it would really help my case with everything that's going on just now.

"I understand if you don't want to or don't have time so don't worry if you can't."

The GTCS state that Ms McConnell's actions could have placed the young person "at risk of emotional harm".

A hearing into the allegations begins next week.