Equipping pupils with life skills could help them stay in further education and jobs, according to a Scots council.

West Dunbartoshire Council said more should be done to prepare young people for leaving home and suggested practical courses could become part of the senior curriculum.

Senior education officer Laura Mason said it could be as simple as teaching young people "how to take the bins out" or advice on how to manage a weekly budget.

The council was providing an update on school leaver destinations which showed that 91% of school leavers last year went to university or college, took on an apprenticeship or got a job.

West Dunbartonshire Council leader Martin Rooney said life skill lessons was something young people had asked for themselves.

Ms Mason said: "We really can't underestimate that and it can be things as simple as some young people have never put the bin out, they've never done their own washing, 

"They've never had to budget their money because their tea appears on the table.


"It's things as simple as that. Maybe we need to reflect on that in our senior year curriculum to ensure we are building in the right life skills for all children and young people and not just those who leave home when they are 17 or 18."

Mr Rooney added: "For someone to sustain a positive destination the more we can do to support them the better."

Lessons in areas such as household budgeting and managing your finances are already being rolled out to all 11 high schools in West Lothian in efforts to prevent teenage homelessness.

It follows the success of a course developed earlier this year for students attending the Burnhill school skills centre in Whitburn, which works with pupils with a wide variety of additional support needs.

The National Progression Award in Tenancy at SCQF Level 4 offers practical help and advice on securing a tenancy for the first time and preparing to live independently.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has campaigned to bring home economics back to school curriculums saying food education is also teaching valuable academic and life skills.