New technology developed by a Scottish entrepreneur will allow lidding film for food which is normally thrown away to be recycled with household collections.

Glasgow-based ReCover Packaging received £80,000 in the latest Scottish EDGE Awards to take its sustainable food covering to the wider market. Until now, the recommendation has been that lidding film be removed from food trays before they are recycled because it can damage the machinery in recycling facilities.

ReCover founder Ken Adams, who has a lengthy track record in sustainable food packaging, said the technology is both sustainable and convenient. He added that when compared to existing re-closure solutions, it has also been shown to be cost neutral.

“The film opens easily, removing the need for consumers to use knives or scissors, and it reseals securely, meaning that food can be stored safely and hygienically for longer, cutting down on food waste," he explained.

“It also means that consumers no longer have to re-pack food in cling film, foil or plastic bags, cutting down on the amount of disposables that we all use, with detrimental environmental effect.”