The 10th Annual Meeting of the FUE Europe Society was held on September 15-17 in Athens, where speakers from all over the world participated and discussed all the new trends, methods and techniques to treat hair loss.

Seneca Medical Group was at the core of the conference's interest, both from its role as a sponsor but also as a speaker.

The thematic discussions of FUE EUROPE gave the opportunity to the participants for further deepening, evaluation, to get to know the latest technologies on regenerative medicine and to create an expanded network of experts around the methods of treating hair loss.

Throughout the conference, the latest and latest on FUE technology, which since 2002 has been the most popular hair implantation technique, were discussed.

The Herald: The FUE EUROPE conferenceThe FUE EUROPE conference (Image: The FUE EUROPE conference)

Speakers from every corner of the world conveyed their approaches to choosing the best approach for each case, including all FUE methods.

A number of experts, talked about the challenges around hair implantation by presenting a wide variety of surgeries, while at the same time introducing their concerns about the challenges they face for each method they adopt.

At the same time, the focus of interest was on the interactive presentations of the speakers of the conference, who transmitted audiovisual material from interventions they carried out in the past, analyzing the individual difficulties they faced at all stages of the process.

Special mention was made of the wide range of cases that cause hair loss, using, among other things, examples of serious diseases as well as accidents.

The conference was attended by experts from the field of hair transplantation such as Dr. John Cole, Dr. Christian Bisanga and Ron Shapiro. The Greek presence was also important, as experienced Greek hair transplant doctors participated in the event.

The Herald: The FUE EUROPE conferenceThe FUE EUROPE conference (Image: The FUE EUROPE conference)

Dr. Georgios Gounnaris, taking the baton to the podium of the speakers, made a historical review of the development of hair repair surgery, focusing on the presentation of the leaps that have been made in recent years in this field, culminating in the highlighting of the importance of the FUE technique.

Mr. Gounnaris then presented the great work of Seneca Medical Group, the No. 1 hair transplant organization in Europe that, as he explained, provides high quality hair transplant services and innovative systems for the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss.

He introduced the high-level standards of procedures followed, explained that the implantation process from the beginning to the end is carried out by 100% trained medical staff, who strictly follow the protocol.

As he pointed out, in the last five years manual tools have been replaced with motorized ones, with particularly important advantages, such as greater accuracy in extracting hair follicles, less injury and faster healing.

Dr Gounnaris pointed out that Direct Fue Technique ensures 100% natural result and full control of the direction and depth of the hair according to the required standards. Seneca is a pioneer in the treatment of hair loss

Seneca Medical Group’s clinics have stood the test of time and keep thriving with 35 years of experience.

The Direct FUE hair transplantation is performed entirely by doctors, who have been certified by the Training & Research Centre of SENECA, complied with the strict standardized protocols of Seneca Medical Group.

The company currently operates three clinics in Athens, Thessaloniki, Glasgow, a diagnostic centre in Edinburgh and a diagnostic centre in Aberdeen.

The clinic in Athens is the largest and most modern clinic for the treatment of hair loss in Europe.