The senior academic at the centre of allegations of gendered bullying and discrimination at one of Scotland's oldest universities is to leave his post, it has been announced.

The Herald revealed last month that the University of Glasgow had launched an inquiry following complaints from female staff and students about the behaviour of Professor John Paul Leach, head of undergraduate medicine.

The university has refused to provide any information about the outcome of the inquiry and if any disciplinary action was taken against Professor Leach, who is a consultant neurologist at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.


However the complaints are said to have involved "multiple" members of staff and students. 

The situation led to another senior academic quitting his post after 35 years claiming "a culture of misogyny is flourishing' within the medical school.

Contacted by The Herald, Professor Leach claimed the disciplinary process concluded "there was no case to answer."

He said: "There is no bullying or misogynistic behaviour of which I've been guilty and no sanction so I leave with my record at the university clear."

A grievance lodged by staff against the academic was upheld by the university.

Staff were told on Tuesday that Prof Leach will leave within weeks to take up the post of senior clinical neuroscientist with a multinational pharmaceutical company.

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The letter states that a "competitive external appointment process" will get underway imminently for a replacement head of undergraduate medicine.

Professor Matthew Walters, Head of the School of Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing writes: "Professor Leach has been running our undergraduate medical school since 2016 and has continued the upward progress of the school through national and international rankings despite global and regional challenges. 

"We’re very sorry to be losing such a talented colleague from the university and wish him well as he moves on to his next challenge. 

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"Prof Leach will move on within the next few weeks: a competitive external appointment process for the next head of undergraduate medicine will be initiated imminently and further details on interim leadership arrangements will follow."

Dr James Going, who was made an Honorary Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Glasgow in 2016, said the university's apparent failure to tackle the problem was akin to "putting a sticking plaster" on a festering abscess.

In a strongly worded resignation letter to university Principal Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli, he said he no longer wished to be associated with the university.

Complaints were made by students about a 'sexist' slide depicting the female brain that was shown to medical students by the Professor.

In it a small area is labelled  ‘sex initiation’ gland while driving skills and ‘realisation of wants vs needs’ are shown as dots. It was shown alongside another image depicting the brain of fictional TV character Homer Simpson.

The University of Glasgow said it "condemns discrimination of any kind".

In January Morag Ross QC was appointed by the university to carry out a review of the institutions’s approach to addressing gender-based violence including harassment and harmful practices that are “committed disproportionately by men against women”.