STAFF in a Scottish Apple store have become the first in the UK to vote for union recognition after young workers organised to push for a "fairer" workplace.

In what was called a "historic moment" by union representatives, Glasgow's Buchanan Street branch of the American tech giant will now be unionised after workers voted overwhelmingly to be represented by GMB Scotland.

After negotiations, Apple agreed to voluntary recognition ballot after a large number of its Glasgow workers joined the GMB.  

It is understood that staff at other branches around the UK are now seeking to take similar action with employees elsewhere in Scotland also signing up to the union.

GMB Organiser John Slaven praised the determination of staff in persisting with the efforts to form the first UK Apple union branch.

He said: "This is an absolutely historic vote and is a tribute to the hard work of activists and workers in Apple Glasgow. 

"The vote is astonishing in terms of the size of the majority as workers have spoken with a clear and overwhelming voice."

Union representatives had previously said the tone of negotiations with Apple was consistently positive but it has taken several months to reach the stage of conducting a ballot.

The firm currently recognises unions in France and Sweden with moves being made by workers in stores across America to introduce unionisation. 

Glasgow staff had said a priority would be to push for a pay rise from their £12 an hour income should union recognition be achieved.

In response, Apple said it is one of the highest paying retailers in Scotland. 

Scottish Secretary Louise Gilmour of the GMB added: "The ballot was conducted in a professional and respectful manner. 

"And we look forward to building a productive relationship with Apple in Glasgow. 

"This is a historic vote and is a tribute to the mostly young workers who have made it clear they see unionisation with the GMB as the way to make work better and build a fairer workplace."

A spokesperson for Apple said: “We have long been committed to providing an excellent experience for our customers and teams. 

"Apple is one of the highest paying retailers in Scotland and we’ve regularly made enhancements to our industry-leading benefits as a part of the overall support we provide to our valued team members.”

Apple has two stores in Glasgow, on Buchanan Street and in Braehead Shopping Centre, the first of which, in the city centre, opened in 2007.