Lord Haughey and Sir Tom welcomed Stuart Patrick to their Go Radio show and the chief executive of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce was keen to highlight positive news from the recent 24th State of the City Economy Conference.

“While so much of the national economic news has been dire, the Chamber has been concentrating on arguing for decisions that will help our city survive the recession,” said Mr Patrick.

“Through the British Chambers of Commerce we have been majoring on

three vital issues with the UK Government.

“One is making sure the support for energy bills in vulnerable sectors is of a meaningful scale. The most recent British Chambers survey showed almost half

of businesses will find it difficult to pay their energy invoices after the end of the energy bill relief scheme in March next year.

“Number two is pressing for more flexibility for companies to tackle widespread labour shortages by allowing more high-skilled workers in from overseas.

“That can only be a temporary and partial measure and we have to do much more to help our own citizens into the job opportunities our members cannot fill. Our companies would always rather find the talent at home.

“Finally, we have been arguing for retaining government capital investment in the transport, energy and research projects that will help us become more productive.”

He also noted the recovery of Glasgow’s city centre continues apace, with data showing footfall is back to 84% of pre-pandemic activity.

“Weekday data is below average at 75%, while

night-time and weekend performance is well ahead of pre-pandemic levels.”