A SOUTH Lanarkshire teacher who allegedly asked a sixth-year pupil if she was a virgin and asked her to call him "daddy" faces a disciplinary panel.

According to the allegations detailed on the General Teaching Council’s website, the man also told the teenager that nobody would believe her if she spoke up about his behaviour.

It is alleged he teacher asked the pupil - who was volunteering in his class - if she was still with her previous boyfriend, in front of a room full of second years. 


The man - whose identity has been withheld - also reportedly told the girl, known as Pupil A, that she was very mature for her age, and that she should have been born in the 90s and "squeezed her sides", and placed his hand on her leg. 

In a later email conversation, he allegedly told the girl: “If that gets back to your mum she’d crucify me.  And also report me to the GTCS.”

It is understood, the girl's mother works alongside the man.

In a later email, he allegedly wrote: “Jesus I am SO deleting these e-mails after tonight…maybe I like frustrating you. And maybe I’ll tell you if you promise to delete the e-mails after  too so we don’t get in trouble… 18 or not this sort of conversation is definitely  against the rules…”

In November, it’s then alleged he messaged the girl on Snapchat asking if she was a virgin. “I think you’re an innocent little virgin,” he is reported to have said. He also allegedly asked if she had any kinks.

Discussing his personal sexual preferences with Pupil A, he reportedly told her that he “wanted to make Pupil A scream daddy.”

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He also reportedly sent the teenager an indecent picture of himself, and a video of himself masturbating.

When the schoolgirl said she felt uncomfortable about sending intimate images to the man, he is said to have told her that it was ok to send sexual images and that everybody does it.

The allegations then state that he told her that “the relationship could only be physical as he worked with her mother.”

He later connected with the teenager on the Bumble dating app, and allegedly told her “not long now till you’re a big girl.”

When the girl said he was using her and that he had hurt her, he reportedly stated: “not f***ing this again” and told her she was making a drama out of nothing.

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In an email, it is alleged he said: “I  didn’t intend for any of this to happen and I’m sorry you feel hurt. Never my intention. I’m  never going to do anything like that again- I didn’t see you as a pupil, I saw you as my TA  but the fact remains it was inappropriate and wrong of me,”

He then told the girl that she could not speak up. “You can’t tell anyone about this.’

According to the allegations, he also told her that “half of his colleagues were guidance teachers and that no-one would believe her if she spoke about the relationship with them.”

“How would your mum feel if she found out about her perfect little princess?” he is said to hold the girl. 

The hearing is due to be heard next week.