A £41 million rental neighbourhood under construction in Scotland’s biggest city will aim to “pioneer positive change to the rental market”, its developers said.

More than 150 homes will make up the suburban community, named Casa, Vista Park, in the east end of Glasgow.

Located near the Springboig area, rental home operator Casa by Moda is looking to create a “state-of-the-art” neighbourhood that will offer deposit-free and pet-friendly living.

Residents will be able to begin moving in as early as this summer, but what is to be expected from what is claimed to be the “first-ever single-family rental neighbourhood to come to Glasgow”?

The marketing director and head of wellbeing for Casa by Moda, Lydia Eustace, revealed more about the unique development.  

Why are the homes rental-only and why is it unique?

Casa, Vista Park will have a mixture of one and two-bedroom apartments, as well as two, three and four-bedroom houses for rent.

With the area designed to “prioritise health, wellbeing and sustainability”, there is an emphasis on building a community for renters through mixed-use spaces such as a wildlife area and two play parks.

Casa by Moda wants to provide single-family rentals – a concept relatively new in the UK that sees developers own and operate neighbourhoods in suburban locations.

The Herald: The properties will vary, but CGI images give a glimpse of what they may look similar to.The properties will vary, but CGI images give a glimpse of what they may look similar to. (Image: Casa by Moda)

Ms Eustace said that Casa, Vista Park provides “an alternative that offers so much more than what a traditional rental model provides”.

She added: “There is significant undersupply of quality rental homes not only in Scotland but across the UK in general.”

The neighbourhood will target Scots looking to keep their “flexible, transient lifestyle” but still find security through a longer tenancy.

Ms Eustace said: “It’s crucial that families and individuals have the opportunity to access quality, purpose-built rental homes at an accessible price point, which have the service and offerings that renters want and deserve.

“It’s important that our residents feel safe in their home and secure in their tenancy, that’s why as long-term custodians of our communities - we can provide this certainty by offering long-term tenures of up to three years. 

“We’re already seeing an influx of Casa enquiries from prospective residents who are now opting to rent – not only families with children but also young couples, key workers and downsizers.

“People are wanting a more flexible, transient lifestyle, and this change in attitudes is seeing more and more residents renting for longer, amongst a whole range of additional reasons from community to service to convenience.”

The Herald:

Why are they deposit-free and how much will they cost?

While the prices of the homes are yet to be confirmed, Casa by Moda has committed to delivering deposit-free homes for everybody.

The lack of deposits is linked to a “commitment to customer service and accessibility”, the head of wellbeing explained.

She continued: “We’re removing the barrier that deposits can sometimes cause potential residents, and it’s important that we provide a service that is dedicated to enabling people to live their happiest, healthiest lives.

“By providing deposit-free living, we can ensure that everyone can access that opportunity.”

How will it “prioritise health and wellbeing”?

The neighbourhood is envisioned as a connected community of residents on the regenerated 6.5 hectares of former brownfield land.

An app, named MyCasa, will help facilitate that connection offering a community forum as well as an option to book at-home services, such as dog walking, window cleaning and gardening.

The Herald: The properties will vary, but CGI images give a glimpse of what they may look similar to.The properties will vary, but CGI images give a glimpse of what they may look similar to. (Image: Casa by Moda)

Community events, such as pop-up food stalls and outdoor fitness workshops, will also be organised by Casa.

Ms Eustace said: “We also understand the importance of connecting the communities we create, that’s why our MyCasa app also enables residents to join and curate neighbourhood events such as summer barbeques and weekly run clubs.

“We also work with regional partners, so that our residents can connect with local vendors and businesses - truly embedding into and supporting our wider communities.”

Access to green spaces is also listed as a priority for the suburban rental brand.

She added: “.We know that feeling comfortable at home and feeling part of the wider community is key for wellness, which is why we place considerable focus on matching the community aspects of our neighbourhoods with the lifestyles of prospective residents.”

What about sustainability?

Solar PV panels are included as standard and energy performance technology will also be integrated into the mobile app.

A partnership with Utopi will allow residents to use smart sensors to track their home’s energy performance in real-time.

The app will also provide real-time data on temperature, air quality and noise in the property.

Ms Eustace said: “This live data insight helps residents understand how they can best manage their energy consumption to fit their daily needs and provides helpful tips on how to improve their usage going forward.”

When will it be complete?

Reservations and move-ins to the new Glasgow neighbourhood will be available in the coming months.

Will it be linked to the city centre?

The development is located a short walk away from Garrowhill and Shettleston train stations. 

It is around a 15-minute drive from the city centre of Glasgow and also has bus links "on its doorstep".