The owner of a long-established food and restaurant business in Glasgow has been awarded one of the highest honours for Italian entrepreneurs.

Giovanna Eusebi received the title of Cavaliere today from Inigo Albertini, Italian Ambassador for the UK.

The honor, conferred on the basis of "merit of work" was established in 1901 by Vittorio Emanuele III.

It is given to Italian entrepreneurs and professionals who have excelled in industry, agriculture, industry, commerce or crafts and have operated for more than 20 years.

The Herald:

Ms Eusebi and her brother Eddie took over the running of the Glasgow business after their father’s death more than a decade ago.

Eddie Senior ran a fruit and vegetable shop in Shettleston in Glasgow's East End, which later became a delicatessen, for more than 40 years before the business moved to Park Road in the West End.

The Herald:

Eusebis has been recognised with several accolades and awards.

Ms Eusebi said she was "proud" to receive the honour and added: "Even more special to have my Mum with me.

"An Italian immigrant whose journey took her from Italy Brazil ,Lyon & Glasgow.

The Herald:

"A courageous story of all immigrants."

Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli, Principal of the University of Glasgow was among those to congratulate the restaurateur on social media.

The restaurateur has said her father, a self-taught cook, had inspired her entire career in the restaurant trade. 

She said: “Cooking was not just a meal; it was an event. He educated me on the great chefs of the day: Elizabeth David, Franco Taruscio, John Tovey and the Roux Brothers. 

“His preparation was meticulous. Every carrot baton and diced onion was cut to mechanical precision

"My father’s secret was using the very best ingredients. He taught me that great food takes time and preparation and those memories last longer than one meal."

Ms Eusebi shared her memories of growing up in an Italian Scottish family for a new book, ‘‘Reclaiming the Piazza III: Communicating Catholic Culture’, by Leonardo Franchi, Ronnie Convery and Jack Valero.