WORK on a new bridge over the Glasgow to Edinburgh railway line has begun, with cranes used to expand the iconic Anfield Stadium shipped in for its construction process.

The new dual-lane Winchburgh Rail Overbridge in West Lothian will create a high-capacity road to link traffic from both directions of the M9 to the new town centre via Junction 1B, reducing congestion on local roads and providing easy access to cities for commuters.

When completed the bridge will also feature pedestrian footpaths on either side.

One of the UK’s largest crawler cranes, which is capable of lifting 660 tonnes and was recently used for the expansion of Anfield Stadium, home of Liverpool FC, was transported to West Lothian by contractor I & H Brown for the project.

The Herald:

The installation of three of the beams over the main Edinburgh to Glasgow railway line, each spanning 36.5 metres and sitting 6.5 metres above the rail line, was completed on Monday.

The rest will be installed by July 10.

John Hamilton, CEO of Winchburgh Developments Limited, said: “It has been incredible to see not one, but two, of our key infrastructure projects go forward in the space of just a week.

"Winchburgh is one of Scotland’s biggest placemaking communities, and the fact that we’re seeing such progress is a testament to the commitment of the bridge contractors anddesigners.

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"Both projects require exceptional engineering and planning expertise, and we’re grateful for the support and co-operation we’ve had from both Network Rail and Scottish Canals.

“Now that the main beams are in place, we look forward to completing both the Rail Overbridge and the Canal Bridge by the end of this year so that the local community can reap the benefits of the village’s improved transport infrastructure.”

Duncan Brown, Director for I & H Brown Ltd, said: “Installing the beams for the Rail Overbridge marks a significant construction milestone, and will allow us to push on with the remainder of the project.

"It’s not every day you get to build a bridge over the main railway line between Glasgow and Edinburgh. It’s been a fantastic project for I & H Brown to be involved with alongside our specialist partner Story, and continues our involvement in delivering the Winchburgh Masterplan.”

Larry Higton, Project Manager for I & H Brown Ltd, added: “After many months of planning, it was great to see the first bridge beam lifted into position for our Overbridge Project. This complex operation was undertaken during the early hours of Saturday and Sunday. A special thanks to the project team who worked tirelessly to provide minimal disruption to the community.”

Jamie Corser, Business Development Manager for RJ Mcleod, said: “It’s great to see the development at Winchburgh taking shape. We recently completed the M9 Junction and are well advanced with the Winchburgh Canal Bridge, with half of the 19m long, 29 tonne beams now in place”