As the cost of living crisis continues to bite, there has been much talk this week of the poor being ignored at the expense of the middle classes, a point reinforced in forceful manner by our Writer at Large, Neil Mackay

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The political climate was further heated this week by the news that the cap on bankers’ bonuses is to be scrapped from the end of this month. 

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That prompted a furious response from one of our readers. 

David J Crawford of Glasgow writes: 

"Banks don't grow anything, they don’t make anything. In days of yore, banks were a safe repository for the assets of the rich and it allowed bankers to lend some of this money to those who had none and charge interest on the loan.

"The banks made money and the rich made money; both sponged off the general public without actually creating anything, they simply profited from the efforts of others. 

"Nowadays, since the major currencies are not backed by any tangible assets, the banking system can simply create money out of thin air on the understanding or expectation it will be repaid with interest.

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"Banks can and do regularly fail because they have insufficient funds to repay depositors what is effect Monopoly money. 

"At a time when UK citizens are dying of cold because they can’t afford to heat their houses, children go hungry and millions struggle to repay interest on mortgage loans, the fact that limiting 'bankers’ bonuses' is actually a topic of conversation simply demonstrates how morally corrupt and divisive our society actually is."