How do you start to shape your future when you’ve been handed a legacy that combines climate catastrophe with technological innovation?

On the one hand there’s the rapidly unfolding threat to the natural world, while on the other there’s the seemingly endless possibilities suggested by AI.

Is it any wonder that when faced with such extremes, Generation Z, the young people that are now completing their education and joining the workforce, are confused about where they fit into a world of business and commerce that has yet to fully confront either the risks or opportunities that it faces?

That’s the question that will be up for discussion on Wednesday, 17 April, when business leaders with an appetite for change, along with young people who have recently joined the workforce, will have the chance to share their ideas about creating a business world that’s engaged with the needs of society, for the benefit of everyone.

The s1jobs, The Herald and Powering Futures Live – 20:30 Vision event will bring together employers who recognise the potential of Gen Z recruits to transform outdated business models and align profit and purpose while also acknowledging that there are barriers that must be overcome if this is to happen.

Alongside them in the panel discussions will be some of the young employees who want their careers to be about more than just individual gain and who are sharply focused on the need to transform to Net Zero.

The focus of the event will be about bridging these gaps, looking for innovative ideas about how the world of commerce can embrace the technological skills and social focus of its youngest employees, while also creating identifiable career pathways that give their young workforce the confidence that their efforts and abilities are being used for the greater good.

Powering Futures believes in a future that is both sustainable and economically prosperous and it acts as a facilitator between business and education, engaging 16-25-year-olds to develop the meta skills that business needs.

By empowering this group, not only does Powering Futures help them to expand their opportunities and to recognise that they have an important role to play in resolving some of the biggest issues facing society, but it also assists businesses in recognising the potential of this group and of the positive impact that they can have on organisations.

The event will be looking for ideas about how the world of commerce can embrace the technological skills and social focus of its youngest employees... 

The forthcoming breakfast event will be hosted by Bruce Walker, co-founder and CEO of FutureX, which was founded in 2017 as a platform and community for upskilling purpose-driven leaders and teams.

Other speakers will include Fergus Mutch, Managing Partner, True North (Scotland) Ltd; Tony Elliot, Executive Director of People with Robertson Group and Gaynor Marshall, Communications Director at Lothian Buses while Sarah McGowan, Principal Teacher of Wider Achievement at Drumchapel High School, will take part in a panel discussion alongside Callum Gaw, Craft Apprentice from Spirit AeroSystems, Jocelyn Harcus, Customer Service and Office Assistant, Sheila Fleet Jewellery, Aaron Miller, Graduate Framework Assistant, Morrison Construction and Leia Pol, Sustainability Coordinator, Ross-Shire Engineering, who will be sharing their experiences of developing the skills that have led them into careers where they are having a positive impact both on their companies and on wider society.

Tickets are still available to s1jobs,The Herald and Powering Futures Live: 20-30 Vision event, which will take place from 9.30am until 12.00 pm at The Herald Offices, 194 Bath Street, Glasgow. The event themes and full details, along with tickets, are available from: https://