Semco Maritime’s primary expertise is rooted in both conventional energy and renewables, putting the firm in a position to assist Scottish ports in modernisation projects

In the ever-evolving landscape of offshore renewables projects, Semco Maritime stands out as a beacon of innovation and strategic partnership, particularly in its collaboration with a number of ports in Scotland

These partnerships, coupled with a robust supply chain, ensure that renewables projects are executed with maximum efficiency, meeting the unique needs of each asset or project.
Semco Maritime – which has more than 2,000 employees and branches in Denmark, Norway, the UK, Germany, Poland, Singapore and the US – takes particular pride in its “shipyard-in-a-box” concept, which offers unparalleled mobility and flexibility for asset upgrading. 

From turnkey engineering solutions to outsourcing of personnel and delivery of components, systems and solutions, the company aims to ensure that customers and partners in the energy sector get safe and cost-efficient solutions.
Semco’s approach to achieving this minimizes the time spent in a traditional yard through a preventive maintenance program executed offshore while the asset remains operational. 
Whether the project is onshore or offshore, large or small, Semco Maritime delivers with a focus on safety, cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Complementing this innovative concept is Semco Maritime’s exclusive yard at Hanøytangen, strategically located near the North Sea and just 30 kilometers from Bergen. 
Boasting the largest dry-dock facility in Northern Europe, the yard covers an expansive 160,000 m² with a dry dock size of 125 x 125 m and a capacity of 50t/m² with 17m water depths with unique high-docking capabilities. The facility’s exceptional depth and mooring capabilities, coupled with eco-friendly features like a grid connection and extensive accommodations, make it a pivotal asset in the company’s project execution.

Semco Maritime’s commitment to excellence extends to its modification and service offerings. The company services a wide range of electrical systems and equipment, ensuring assets are primed for their next assignments. With a focus on high-quality mechanical maintenance, Semco Maritime caters to projects of all sizes.
Semco Maritime’s expertise encompasses upgrades and modifications for vessels, wind carriers and rigs. This includes crane upgrades, sea-fastening solutions, paint and seal replacement of thrusters, reinforcements, EX-inspections, and thermography programs. 

The company stays ahead of industry trends, preparing assets for compliance with the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments, which takes effect in 2024.
Semco Maritime is at the forefront of environmental responsibility, offering a Selective Catalytic Reduction System (SCRS) that reduces annual NOx emissions by up to 95%. This not only aligns with environmental standards but also positions assets to potentially avoid future environmental taxes and fees. 

Moreover, Semco Maritime provides a complete package for the installation and commissioning of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems, contributing to the decarbonization of rigs and vessels.
Semco Maritime belives its multifaceted approach – blending innovation, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to sustainability – positions the company as a trailblazer in the offshore industry and partner for Scotland’s ports. 

As Scotland navigates its role in the evolving energy landscape, Semco Maritime emerges as a key player, offering cutting-edge solutions for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.