ROYAL Bank of Scotland has listed the leading entrepreneurial ventures it has steered at its business hubs in the last year.

The bank unveiled its inaugural Power Up Index of the 25 best and brightest businesses who have successfully emerged from its Entrepreneur Accelerator cohort.

The programme involves mentoring, insight and bespoke coaching, specifically designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs who want to grow and scale their business. The entrepreneurs also benefit from specialist expertise.

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Gordon Merrylees, of RBS, said: “Each of these businesses and their founders have really stood out for their impressive growth mindset, job creation, business growth and consistently demonstrating the behaviours and qualities we expect of the country’s future entrepreneurial leaders.”

The top 25 are: 1 Previse, 2 All Day Designs, 3 ARX Maritime, 4 Staels Designs, 5 Incentive FM Group, 6 XEYEX, 7 Pogo Studio, 8 Soltropy, 9 GiftRound, 10 Playerbase, 11 the Service Directory, 12 Inrobin, 13 Septillion Technologies, 14 the Optical Factory, 15 Mindpanda, 16 Welltime, 17 Hearing Diagnostics, 18 Marzipan Media, 19, Games Without Frontiers, 20 Renegade & Longton, 21 Alterwaste, 22 Upload Abode, 23 Casta Spes Technologies, 24 The Orogin Distilling Company and 25 SymbaSync.