GOOD ideas can come to you at any time, as Imogen Russon-Taylor knows only too well.

The businesswoman was pushing a pram round the botanical gardens in Edinburgh when the seed that would eventually grow into Scotland’s first fragrance house was planted.

“I had a career in international marketing and took a break after the birth of my third child,” she explains. “I spent a fair bit of time walking with the baby in the Botanics and ended up thinking a lot about fragrance and scent, Scottish weather, the wonderful smell of the outdoors.

“I’d worked with fragrance and in the whisky industry – there are many parallels – and I understood the world of aromas. It struck me that we didn’t have a fragrance house in Scotland, so I started doing research and increasing my knowledge base, and realised I was onto something.”

Ms Russon-Taylor joined the RBS Entrepreneur Accelerator in spring 2016 and just three years later luxury scent brand Kingdom Scotland is stocked at Harvey Nichols and building a loyal fanbase at home and abroad through online sales.

Indeed, the brand recently got star billing at the Edinburgh premiere of the film Mary Queen of Scots, where the scents were gifted to its stars, Saoirse Ronan and Jack Lowden.

“My aim has always been to bottle Scotland,” says the 47-year-old from Edinburgh. “We have such a rich tapestry of culture, history and natural environment, so many stories to create scents around.

“To me Scotland is the best place in the world to live. The space here, the sky, the landscape are all so special and if I can bottle that magic for an international audience then that’s really exciting. What’s most important of all, of course, is authenticity.”

Following recent success the entrepreneur hopes to grow Kingdom Scotland, building up the portfolio of scents and expanding availability, collaborating with others.

“I have big ambitions for this brand,” explains Ms Russon-Taylor. “Eventually I’d love to have stores around the world and there’s no reason why that can’t happen.

“I met scent pioneer Jo Malone a while back and it was really inspiring hearing how she grew her business.

“There’s already a real appetite for my product and the global success of malt whiskies, which are viewed as a luxury product, show what can be done. There is so much potential.”

The marketing expert believes Scotland is a great place to start a business thanks to the support available to budding entrepreneurs.

“The RBS Accelerator programme has been amazing,” she says. “The events, mentoring and networking opportunities are invaluable. The camaraderie with other entrepreneurs is fantastic, especially when, like me, you are used to being part of a team but start a business on your own.

“There’s such a strong sense of community in Scotland and so many grants and competitions to support people – get involved.”

But how do you go about turning an idea into reality? According to Ms Russon-Taylor, knowing the market is key.

“I spent a long time researching the market – much longer than I thought I might need to – and that stood me in good stead,” she explains. “I talked to people again and again and changed what I did at various points, which was crucial.

Having a genuine affinity with your product is also vital, she says.

“This fragrance house was born from passion. If you want to set up your own business go to your own passions for inspiration – that’s what’s going to get you through when things get bumpy.

“Attention to detail is everything, especially in the luxury market, as is the story of your product. Everything needs to have a purpose.

“But there’s nothing like seeing your idea turn into a tangible reality - it makes you feel so proud.”