MESSRS Craig Wilson Ltd sold 11 prime heifers at Ayr yesterday to a top of £1433.50 per head and 249p per kg to average £1,325.07 and 237.4p, while a couple of prime bullocks both fetched £1,090.40 and 232p.

In the rough ring 77 beef cows sold to £1,360 and 163.9p to average 127.7p, while 103 dairy cows peaked at £1020 and 134.2p to level at 102.6p. Thirteen bulls sold to £1,460 and 168.5p to average 129.3p, while 17 clean OTM cattle peaked at £1,170 and 175p to level at 134.2p.

The firm sold 11 dairy cattle to £2,000 for a Holstein Friesian heifer and an average of £1,301.

Wallets Marts had 1,720 prime hoggs forward in Castle Douglas yesterday when heavy types were a similar trade to last week with all other classes sharper. Top prices on the day were £100 per head and 285p per kg with the final average levelling at 190.3p (+7.9p on the week).

Cast sheep were also sharper on the week with 188 heavy ewes selling to £107 for Beltex and averaging £57.43, while 264 light/export-type ewes peaked at £57 for Blackfaces and levelled at £42.72.