Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 154 store heifers at Ayr on Thursday to a top of £1185 per head and 254p per kg to average £893.99 and 224.6p (+8.9p on the week), while 257 store, beef-bred bullocks peaked at £1450 and 284.9p to level at £972.37 and 239.5p (+10.8p). Seventy-two store, B&W bullocks sold to £880 and 184.4p for the same to average £788.61 and 162.1p (+8p).

Due to the bad weather of the previous two days, C&D Auction Marts Ltd only had 2241 prime hoggs forward in Longtown on Thursday that met a fantastic trade for those who had bothered to draw sheep for the sale. Top prices on the day were £170 per head and 387p per kg with the overall average levelling at 272p (+44.1p).

The first prime lambs of the season were forward when 17 sold to £159 and 324.5p to average 305.7p (no comparison).

There was also a smaller entry of 2318 cast sheep that met an unbelievable trade to average a staggering £102.29 overall. Many of the best heavy ewes sold between £150 and £160 and to a top of £169 for Texels and an average of £113.97 (+£19.41), while light/export-type ewes peaked at £93 for Swaledales and levelled at £55.18 (+£6.71). Rams sold to £174 for a Texel and averaged £101.18).