After four years and more than 200 gadgets researched, tested and rated I'm taking a break.

From next week you'll be in the capable hands of Sean Dimmock, so for my last regular column I'd like to recap the top four products I reviewed on this page - gadgets that have stood the test of time.

B&W Zeppelin - £499

So much more than a speaker dock, the B&W Zeppelin may lack a status display and the styling is certainly leftfield, but it is simply the best-sounding single speaker system money can buy. Four years on, the Zeppelin performs faithful daily service in my house, not only as a music system, but also as a TV sound bar, thanks to its flexible analogue and optical audio inputs.

Nikon D7000 - around £509

Digital camera technology marches on at a furious pace with new features and higher megapixel numbers being announced every month. Nikon's D7000 may be nearly four years old but it offers pro performance at a consumer-friendly price. Pair it with Nikon's 50mm prime lens (£85) for pro-quality portraits at an attractive price.

MacBook Pro - from £999

Tablets and smartphones are great for reading and browsing but for producing and editing content - be it words, pictures or video - a laptop or desktop computer is still a better option.

I've owned and tested dozens of laptops over the years. Almost all required regular updates and fettling to keep them running smoothly, and none had made it past the three-year mark before needing to be replaced. Then I bought a MacBook Pro.

Five years on, the Apple laptop still looks and performs like new, the only hint of its vintage an apology in the status bar that its battery may not perform as well as it once did - these days it will only manage five hours of off-grid power, something most brand new laptops can only aspire to.

Virgin Media TiVo - from £49.95

Testing an endless assortment of set-top boxes has only reaffirmed my love for TiVo. While other systems can be slow, temperamental or frustratingly complex, TiVo's software is incredibly slick, fast and intuitive. The ability to record three channels simultaneously, to automatically record all films featuring a particular actor, or to get suggestions based on your viewing history all combine to make a very special TV companion. The latest TiVo TV Anywhere mobile app - allowing remote control, recording and viewing - makes it even better.