Kris Gilmartin A male stripper has again criticised police after the fourth court case against him was thrown out.

Stuart Kennedy, known as Sgt Eros, was due to stand trial at Aberdeen Sheriff Court today. But the Crown dropped proceedings against the 26-year-old at the last minute.

It was to be the fifth and final attempted prosecution against Mr Kennedy, who accused Grampian Police of harassment and "bullying" .

The stripper was arrested on Aberdeen's Union Street in October 2008 while dressed as a fireman. He was charged with breach of the peace and resisting arrest after officers clocked him standing outside a branch of RBS at 4am.

Mr Kennedy denies any wrongdoing and claims he was unfairly targeted by police because of recent high-profile court appearances.

In June, he was found guilty of impersonating a police officer and using a white flashing light to pull motorists over in his car while on his way to carry out a strip act in Peterhead.

Yesterday, Mr Kennedy said he was "furious" that the latest case had dragged on so long.

He said: "I just want people to know the things that the police get up to.

"I spent two nights in a cell, I've lost four days in court appearances just on this case and I've been on bail for 10 months since.

"Anyone who knew the facts of the case could see they had no grounds for arresting me or holding me in custody and now they are never going to have to answer to it."

Iain McGregor, Kennedy's solicitor, said: "What surprises me is that it did take until a third trial diet before this decision was reached.

"Nothing seems to have changed as far as this case is concerned, it was all police witnesses involved."

Mr Kennedy, who has been arrested nine times by Grampian Police, said he was stopped and searched while stood on Union Street using his mobile phone.

He added: "I was completely sober. I had been working and was minding my own business when they saw me.

"I'm furious about it. They saw me and obviously thought, lets hassle him'. They are bullies and essentially they are getting away with it.

"Everything reeks of a lack of civil liberties and that's why I wanted it to go to court.

"It's ridiculous in Scotland, unlike England and Wales there is no independent police complaints commission."

Labour's justice spokesman at Holyrood Richard Baker said: "There are questions here about how this case has been prosecuted which I will take up with the Procurator Fiscal, because a lot of resources have been invested in this."

The stripper says he is now waiting to hear if his appeal against his conviction at Peterhead Sheriff Court will proceed.