IT'S A conundrum. Why is it that most men prefer looking at women's shoes to their own? Is it because ladies' footwear is more curvaceous, or more sexy? Is it because high heels make men go all funny in the tummy?

Well, maybe. But the likelihood is that while girlie heels come in an array of styles to tantalise the imagination, men's shoes just aren't that exciting to look at.

And that sad state of affairs is exactly why the male population of the world should rejoice at the return of brogues to the catwalks. Sleek, sophisticated and sexy in an elegant way, these shoes are the Rolls-Royce of masculine footwear - often with a Rolls-Royce-sized price to match.

Brogues are the classic city worker's shoe, most often seen paired with a sharp suit and a silk tie. As a result, guys who prefer wearing more casual clothes often dismiss the brogue as unsuitable dress-down footwear. Well, fellas, not any more.

Designers such as Paul Smith loved brogues this spring/summer season, pairing them with casual outfits and - gasp - tight white trousers with candy-striped shirts for a distinctly preppy feel. For those who still aren't convinced, we've matched a pair of classic, brown brogues with three sporty-themed outfits. Get ready for some seriously happy feet.

World Cup casual

Okay, so Scotland hasn't quite made it to the World Cup this time around, but there's no need to look so glum. Just pick your second favourite country to support and enjoy the festivities without that nervous feeling in your stomach.

For a casual approach to brogue styling try these exquisite pair of tan leather Church's brogues at House of Fraser (GBP285)with a pair of Gap's linen mix jeans (GBP55). The scruffy bit at the ankle of the jeans works surprisingly well with sharp shoes. Add this colourful Brazil T-shirt from H&M (GBP7.99) to complete the look.

House of Fraser: 0870 160 7243. Gap: 0800 427 789.

H&M: 020 7323 2211.

Wimbledon whites

Anyone who has seen Woody Allen's film Match Point can testify to the sex appeal of tennis. Or, more accurately put, they can testify to the sex appeal of tennis players. But even if you don't have the backhand to win on Centre Court there's no reason why you shouldn't look like a suave spectator. Take the same pair of Church's brogues and pair them with these white tailored linen trousers from H&M (GBP29.99). They might sound scary, but men's white trousers were all over the summer catwalks. Add this official Wimbledon Ralph Lauren navy polo shirt (GBP60), for the ultimate courtside look.

H&M: 020 7323 2211. Ralph Lauren: 0141 242 6000.

Silverstone sexy

There's nothing like a row of fast cars lined up on a testosterone-filled race track to bring out some fashion sense in a man. Silverstone is home to the British Grand Prix and each year the country's most beautiful people attend the spectacle. With supermodels and millionaires milling about, this is the kind of glamorous occasion that calls for a more sophisticated outfit. So pair your brogues with this elegant pair of grey wool trousers by FilippaK, at Urban Outfitters (GBP99). The pink and brown stripe on this Thomas Pink shirt (GBP65) adds a stylish touch.

Urban Outfitters: 0141 248 9203. Thomas Pink:

0141 248 9661, 0131 225 4264.