REV ANDREW SCOBIE, Cardross Parish Church Sadie McLellan was a hugely talented and prolific stained-glass artist whose work is widely represented throughout Scotland and beyond with particularly fine examples in Glasgow Cathedral, Cambuslang Old Parish, Netherlee, Kelvinside Hillhead and Cardonald churches, Pluscarden Abbey, the Robin Chapel of the Thistle Foundation and Cardross Parish Church.

She had a powerful and imaginative design sense, typically combining in her work both symbolism and narrative.

Her Pluscarden Abbey Marian window celebrates the Virgin Mary, and depicts the cosmic battle between good and evil. In the Robin Chapel there are nine windows depicting Pilgrim's Progress, a veritable tour de force, linking the narrative to the memory of a young soldier killed in the Second World War.

The Cardross Windows on the theme Recurrent Creation comprise four pairs of lights, illustrating the flow of creation through the seasons of the year.

Her work is notable for her strong use of colour. On occasion she used the new technique of "dalles de verre", involving cut and faceted slabs of glass set in concrete or resin - as in Pluscarden - but mainly she preferred traditional leaded glass.

The Cardross glass was made in the south of France, with the colour fired into the glass. The windows speak from the design of the glass with minimum use of painted detail.

She had a strong and determined personality which matched and complemented her artistic talent, and was reflected not least in her remarkable violet eyes. Her vitality remained undiminished even in old age and retirement in Canada.