Adele Patrick, Creative Development Manager, Glasgow Women’s Library

Are you sitting comfortably?

I am sitting at my desk, and have discovered through painful experience that function trumps form as far as office chairs go. As a general rule I like to be surrounded by things that bring me joy or inspiration. My desk, a lovely, salvaged, battered beast sits alongside a similarly distressed 1920s roll-front wooden filing cabinet, barely hanging together now but one of the most beloved items I have. It was squirrelled out by my Dad from his first job in a newspaper office, and has been with me in all my many student flats and through countless flittings. Above the desk is a a seven-day school clock, salvaged by mum from her first teaching job.

What’s the view like?

I look out onto an expanse of beautiful wetlands and wildlife. Over eight years I have seen these few acres of stalled space become radically reclaimed by nature, transforming my view into a lush green vista with the peculiar, evocative Necropolis and flamboyantly customised Tennent’s brewery delineating the skyline. I can see a glut of brambles, irises and new plants seeding each year and an abundance of foxes, squirrels and birdlife.

Favourite place nearby?

I live 10 minutes’ walk from Glasgow Women’s Library, and am so proud it has become an East End institution. I support lovely neighbourhood places like McCune Smith Café and WEST brewery. I have been running for more than 20 years and am grateful that I can be in Glasgow Green or Alexandra Park in a few minutes.

Perfect night in?

On rare summer nights, backgammon marathons on the balcony. I love cooking and relish book club nights (our group has been together for over 10 years) a great excuse for combining friends, eating and binge reading. I try to keep a making project on the go. I am a GSA Embroidered and Woven Textile alumna and have a recycling disposition.

Last thing you bought for your home?

Two 1950s boxed champagne glasses with reindeer motif from Rosebank Car Boot Sale in Carluke.

If I didn’t live here, I’d want to live in…

Sicily, New York, Elba, Naples, Tiree, Harris, Mull … all have a piece of my heart but Glasgow’s East End is a keeper. Glasgow Women’s Library is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a raft of events and activities – find out more at

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