Tom Cruise has hit the headlines over his choice of underwear when performing energetic stunts - apparently you can't beat a thong.

Cruise is reported to have dozens at the ready when he's filming, and has praised their "comfort and flexibility".

But what about among the mere mortals? Are thongs worn by men other than The Chippendales?

According to men's underwear guru Adam Davies, who set up, thongs are more popular than many of us might imagine.

"Mock ye not," said Davies. "Thongs might raise a laugh among many men, or even a cross-eyed wince at the thought of the string at the back, but a thong can be the only option for men who want maximum movement and the right level of control. You really don't want the audience distracted by your bits and bobs flying around as acrobatically as the rest of you."

Deadgoodundies stocks a range of thongs and strings, and they are seemingly making a comeback this year after a period out of fashion.

"Until 2011, thongs and strings were always by far the best selling styles on Deadgoodundies. Then they were overtaken by briefs, but this year thongs have made a notable comeback," Davies said.

"Deadgoodundies has been called on to supply thongs, usually skintone styles that are all but invisible under clothes, or without them, for film and theatre companies. We don't name names but we have shipped to the big studios, theatrical, opera and TV companies and individual actors."

Davies says the most important consideration for a man buying a thong is highlighted in Cruise's description - it must fit perfectly to be comfortable and effective. His are apparently tailor made.

Davies added: "We have a unique and constantly restocked and updated selection of nude and colourful thongs. And for men who want maximum room to manoeuvre but can't face the string, so to speak, there are dozens more options in jockstraps, though you can't do a nude scene in one of those."