Britpop could be making a comeback if Blur bassist Alex James gets his way - he has applied to trademark a drink of the same name.

The musician, who quit music to become a cheesemaker before rejoining the band, has applied to the intellectual property office (IPO) for the trademark.

His application, which could still be challenged by rival entrepreneurs, is for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

The term Britpop was coined in the early 1990s to describe the UK music scene at the time, which was dominated by the fierce rivalry of Blur and Oasis

James was famous for his boozing habits during the band's heyday - his memoirs of the time are entitled Bit Of A Blur - but he now lives on a farm in Oxfordshire and runs a food and music festival.

He reunited with his bandmates in 2012 for their first proper gig in three years ahead of their major comeback show in London's Hyde Park to coincide with the end of the Olympics.

James has also worked as a journalist and broadcaster, regularly covering food issues.