Whovians got the chance to see the Doctor's new togs this week as Peter Capaldi costume was finally unveiled.

Combining a Crombie coat, Doc Martens and a natty cardy, Capaldi's new get-up owes more than a slight debt of gratitude to some of the Timelord's previous incarnations, with elements of William Hartnell, Jon Pertwee and Paul McGann's fashion ensembles all thrown into the mix.

However, despite its nod to the show's past, the outfit has divided fans. While some love the new look, with Capaldi himself describing it as rebel Timelord, others have called it dull and magician-like, with one fan saying it makes the Doctor look like a hipster vampire.

Love or hate it, if you want to recreate Capaldi's outfit using Crombie coats and Docs or put together your own version on a budget, here's our guide to getting that much talked about twelfth Doctor look.

Pictured left are the budget versions, while those with deeper wallets can opt for the genuine items on the right. The total price difference is £1,550.

The Crombie coat

Let's start with the stylish Crombie. Navy with a red lining that's reminiscent of third Doctor Jon Pertwee's black Inverness cape, this coat has definitely got fans talking. It is based on the classic Crombie coat and has been exclusively designed by the British company for Capaldi. However, getting your hands on this Crombie navy retro slim-fit coat will set you back £795.

For those of you on a budget, ebay offers a number of alternatives to the Crombie, including this navy overcoat by The Platinum Tailor, priced at just £114.99.

The Doc Martens Brogues

Next up it's the shoes. Known better for their boots, Doc Marten have created this nifty pair of black brogues for the twelfth incarnations ensemble. The Doc Marten Bentley's pictured above cost £180 and have been polished with antique Bonneville wax.

Alternatively, if you do not want to spend that much on a pair of shoes, Amazon are currently offering a variety of cheaper alternatives, including these Red Tape Brogue leather boots for £29.99.

The cardigan

One of the most contentious garments in Capaldi's costume, the navy cardigan has been called both boring and a fashionable addition by fans of the show. This Crombie navy merino wool cardigan, priced £195, complements the classic coat perfectly.

However, if you're looking for something slightly on the cheaper side, Next is offering this alternative for £25.


The Shirt

Smart and simple, the shirt has been an integral part of many costumes worn by the Doctor's past incarnations. This Crombie Tommy Nutter cotton poplin shirt is the perfect companion to the classic coat and cardigan, costing £195.

If you would rather save your cash, then this slim-fit shirt from H&M may fit the bill, costing just £9.99.

The Trousers

Capaldi's outfit would not be complete without a pair of smart trousers. This Alexander McQueen wool and mohair blend pair comes in at £395.

However, at £30 this pair of sapphire plain skinny fit suit trousers from Burton offer a budget alternative.

And finally:

For those of you that think a Doctor Who costume is never complete without a sonic screwdriver, you can buy this replica of Matt Smith's from Forbidden Planet for £9.99 to tide yourselves over until Capaldi's latest model is unveiled!