If you thought microwave rice was bad, just wait 'til you see the latest convenience food designed to make life easier.

The premise of Yowk, a new product from the New Egg Company, is simple: a pre-cooked dippy egg that comes in a little pot ready to be 'finished' at work, home, or anywhere else where saucepans (and effort) is in short supply.

Diners will be charged £1.79 for the pleasure of their breakfast egg. A pack of six organic eggs costs around £2.20, working out at 37p each.

By filling the top of the packaging with boiling water and immersing the egg for five minutes, a perfectly runny breakfast treat is born. The pack comes with salt and pepper sachets, a plastic spoon, and a packet of toast 'soldiers'. The rest of the packaging doubles as a cup in which to sit the egg when eating.

It's been reported by trade publication The Grocer that the Yowk will be carried by selected supermarkets with a predicted launch in May.